Life Groups

Image_LifeGroupsIn addition to worship that helps us connect to God we also have our life groups. They help us to discover who we are in Christ and how to live the Christian life. These groups meet for Christian fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Life groups work together to serve God and fulfill the mission of the church. We have a love for each other and a love for the community. These life groups are the backbone of the church and are the primary structure that are the means of accomplishing the mission. A disciple of Christ is one who is connected with God through a personal relationship with Jesus. A health relationship with Jesus is one that gives them a sense that they belong to God and that God is their God. The consequences of a relationship with Jesus is a heart that desires to serve their Lord and Savior Jesus. So we are seeking to personally Connect, Belong, and Serve our God. We are also seeking to help people to do the same.

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